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Grocery Bag

Tap to add items to your Grocery Bag. Note: Minimum of 3 items needed to order from this section. The $5 Base Price is our Service and Handling Fee.

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Grocery Items
Fresh Squeezed OJ (32oz)+$10.00
Standard Eggs (18)+$5.50
2% Milk (Gallon)+$4.75
Almond Milk (Quart)+$4.00
Romaine Lettuce (2lb Bag)+$5.50
Kale (1.5lb Bag)+$6.75
Spinach (2.5lb Bag)+$9.25
Multigrain Bread (Loaf)+$2.75
Poppy Seed Bread Loaf (20-22 slices)+$8.00
Peanut Butter (12oz)+$7.00
Almond Butter (12oz)+$10.00
Avocados (3)+$4.00
Lemons (3)+$1.75
Oranges (3)+$1.75
Apples (3)+$1.75
Bananas (5)+$1.75
Grapefruit (3)+$4.00
Idaho Potatos (5lbs)+$4.25
Grape Tomatoes (1 pint)+$2.75
English Cucumbers (2)+$4.00
Red Onions (2)+$2.25
Toilet Paper (3 rolls, standard 2 ply)+$3.25
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